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The top five reasons that SHELLAC is the only choice for nail colour:

  1. 14+ days of high performance wear
  2. Stunning crystal shine
  3. Zero dry time
  4. Amazing five minute removal
  5. No nail damage

Medical Manicures and Pedicures


We offer every day manicures as well as luxury manicures, so whether you like your nails to look good every day or you have a special or important occasion to attend, we can help you add those finishing touches for a polished look.


Similarly to manicures, we offer every day pedicures as well as luxury options too, and a simpler file, buff and polish treatment.

Shellac Nail Services

Along with manicures we also offer Shellac nails in a range of colours which last up to 14 days, perfect for a special occasion or if you don’t have time to regularly top up manicures.

We also offer Shellac removal so you can avoid damaging your nails when it’s time to remove your gel polish.