Unwanted Hair Removal

Hair Removal Specialists in Croydon
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  • Permanently remove unwanted hair.
  • All areas treated.
  • Be beach ready.
  • Male & Female services.
  • Always discrete.

Hair Removal Services


At The Garden Skin Clinic our trained professionals provide waxing for many areas of the body, including popular areas such as the legs, bikini line, upper lip and brows, as well as the chest and back too.

Treatments are carried out in a relaxing environment and work to temporarily remove the hair from the root for a smooth finish for up to two weeks.


We offer threading as a great option for shaping and neatening the eyebrows. Carried out by a trained professional.


Electrolysis is a great way to remove unwanted excess body hair, and many areas of the body can be treated using electrolysis.

Using heat energy, each individual hair follicle is destroyed at the growth centre of the hair, stopping the hair from growing back and therefore removing the unwanted hair.

Electrolysis can work to remove unwanted hair such as on the upper lip, arms and underarms, as well as many other areas in the body.