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Facial Lifts can help with deep lines and volume loss including;

  • Younger and firmer appearance to the face and / or neck.
  • Replacing traditional face life methods.
  • Avoids the need for invasive surgery to the face.
  • Performed under a local aesthetic, no downtime.
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Your free consultation will be with a fully qualified Doctor before your treatment, to ensure you are fully happy with the treatment we can offer you, and we always offer a free follow up visit to review your results.

Dr. First | Last ( pictured ) specialises in facial lifts.

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Silhouette Facial Lift Treatments

At The Garden Skin Clinic we offer a few options when it comes to facial lifts including the Soprano NIR skin tightening.

Facial lifts can work to lift the skin on the face and neck, making for a younger and firmer appearance to the face and / or neck.

Replacing traditional face lift methods, we offer effective lifts that avoid the need for invasive surgery to the face.

As we age the face can droop as it loses volume, causing the skin to sag around the jawline and neck. Facial lifts can correct this in a non-invasive way, working to re-create that younger fresh-faced look.

Silhouette Lifts / Thread Lifts

Silhouette Lifts or Thread Lifts are also known as ‘the 30 minute face lift’ working to dramatically improve and lift the skin in as little as half an hour.

Performed under a local aesthetic, you can see great results, leaving you feeling more confident about what you see in the mirror.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions please contact us via the online enquiry form and we will reply to you promptly.

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Using dissolving sutures which are placed under the skin with bidirectional cones for support, the skin is then lifted where it may have sagged or drooped. This is used in the upper, mid and lower face and neck, and works to stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the skin. This is a non-surgical facelift and is minimally invasive.

A Silhouette Lift treatment is carried out by one of our qualified Doctors under a local anaesthetic, numbing the areas that will be treated. The lifting threads are then inserted and the skin is manipulated to create the results agreed upon in consultation for your specific case and needs.

After the treatment only minimal needle marks will be visible which will disappear within a few short days. The treatment takes under an hour and most patients find they don’t need much in the way of recovery time afterwards.

The effects of the treatment are immediate and can be seen straight after the treatment is complete. However the regeneration of collagen will continue to increase over the next few months.

The result is skin that looks lifted and firmer as well as smoother and younger too.

The Treatment

How long do the results last?

Results of the Silhouette Lift will last up to 12months and the treatment can be repeated to maintain results.

Is there any after care needed?

It is advised not to have any dental or facial treatments in the week after having the Silhouette Lift treatment; otherwise no specific after care is necessary.

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During the consultation we will discuss your skin concerns, all available treatments together with costs and any take home products which will help maintain your results.

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Additional Treatment Information

Treatment Time | 45 – 60 minutes including your Consultation

Recovery Time | Minimal

Downtime | None

Duration Of Outcome | 6 – 12 months

Client Anaesthetic | Not Required

Typical Number Of Treatments Required | 3 to 6

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